I charge an hourly rate of $40.00 for all repairs. All parts and materials will be extra. On average the typical AA5 radio takes an hour or two at the very most for a complete chassis restoration and alignment. Larger tube count radios will take more time and an estimate can be provided. Your radio will work as good as the day it was new!

There will be a $30.00 charge for an estimate if you decide not to procede with the repair.

Radios thats are damaged or are extremely dirty can take an excessive amount of time, a price will will be determined before work is started.

All repairs are done with modern manufacture components that will last for years to come. If tubes are needed I can supply both new and used, your choice.

Typical turn around time is 1 week, if more time is needed you will be notified.

All filter capacitors will be electrically removed from the circuit but left in place so the chassis retains its original look from the top. I can also restuff all of the original caps so the underside of the chassis retains its original look as well but this does require extra time. Stromberg Carlson AM/FM Chassis restored and ready to sing again!


All of my repairs are guaranteed for 90 days except for tube burn out.


If your radio needs to be shipped you are responsible for all costs. Drop offs and pickups are welcome if you are in my area. All items will be shipped from Edmonton, Alberta.